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At Artisans, we specialise in providing a premium D.I.Y crafting experience through our carefully curated selection of craft kits. Our main focus is on offering individual craft kits that allow crafters to create high-quality, handcrafted items on their own. Additionally, we offer the option of "Two Can Do" kits for a fun bonding experience, as well as pre-made "Made for You" products for those who want to enjoy the beauty and quality of craftsmanship without the effort of making it themselves.

We have implemented a badge system to clearly distinguish and identify the various products within our craft kit offerings.


"Two Can Do," a range of D.I.Y craft kits that are perfect for pairs. These kits not only come with all the necessary materials and instructions, but also include equipment for two people to craft together. Whether you're looking for a fun bonding activity or want to create a special gift with someone, "Two Can Do" products are the ideal choice for a shared crafting experience.

"Made For You," our premium line of handcrafted leather products. Each piece is expertly crafted in our workshop located in the heart of Hackney, London. These products are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty and quality of leather craftsmanship but may not have the time to make it themselves.

When shopping for craft kits, be sure to look out for our "Made for You" and "Two Can Do" badges, which will help you easily identify the products that best suit your needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a premium, handcrafted experience, or a fun bonding activity to do with a partner, our badge system makes it simple to find the perfect kit for you.