Leathercraft has for a long time been inaccessible for many people. You either had to dedicate your life’s work to it, have the space for a workshop, invest in tools and know the right people or live in the right area and attend specialised leather craft courses.

We have a passion for learning and crafting beautiful products. We believe education is self-awareness, we believe education is exploration and we believe education is D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). By breaking down the barriers preventing people from experiencing the art of making, through our .Ar:ti|sans kits, we hope to create a paradigm shift for many creative aspirants and makers around the world.

As more people turn to ancestral & traditional crafts as an antidote to the ever faster pace of modern life, we believe our .Ar:ti|sans Leather Craft Kits will go a long way to improve dexterity and bring some serenity back into your lives. 

We hope you enjoy our unbeatable DIY leather craft course, all packaged in a compact little box for you.

We have created the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn and explore the rich heritage of leathercraft.

We are .Ar:ti|sans, Fostering the art of making and promoting dexterity through the ancestral craft of leather.

Our goal is to share the beautiful art of making with 1 billion people around the world by 2030.

Join our cause and help spread the art. Follow us and share your leather craft projects.

Experience the art of making.