• "Education is NOT a Degree
  • Education is Self-Awareness
  • Education is Exploration
  • Education is D.I.Y"


Who are we? 

We’re .Ar:ti|sans, a team of creatives & leather artisans - a new generation of crafts enthusiast with skill-sets spanning traditional craft and design with deep blend of digital know-how. We have a small lab in the heart of East London where we design and make all our products.


What do we do?

We develop DIY leather products that fit into people's everyday lives that can be easily crafted at home without the need for specialist tools or equipment. 

We host events and workshops to engage more people from all backgrounds in DIY and leathercraft. 

We work tirelessly to provide people with useful products and resources to promote the benefits of craft, self-development and wellness.


Why do we do it? 

We believe Education is Self-awareness. We as a team are self-taught in everything that we do. Education is Exploration and D.I.Y (Do It Yourself). 

We hope to create a paradigm shift for many creative aspirants and makers around the world by making learning, teaching and gifting crafts easy. 

We are passionate about promoting the benefits of crafting as working with your hands helps to reduce stress and anxiety as well as improving long term brain functioning. 

Our goal is to share the beautiful art of making with 1 billion people around the world by 2030. Follow us on Instagram and join our cause and help spread the art.

Buy your leather craft kit to experience the art of making.