About Personalisation

Personalisation in Leathercraft

We believe in the power of individuality and personal style. Leather craft, at its core, is about more than just creating durable goods; it's about celebrating uniqueness, forging connections, and making a statement. That's why we offer bespoke personalisation services, including a wide range of embossing techniques, to help you create pieces that are truly your own.

Leather is a timeless material renowned for its durability, versatility, and elegance. Its natural beauty provides the perfect canvas for personalisation, enabling us to transform a simple piece of leather into an extension of your persona. Whether it's a monogram on a wallet, a heartfelt message on a journal, or a symbolic design on a bag, personalisation turns everyday objects into treasured keepsakes.

Exploring the Art of Embossing

Embossing is one of the most popular and effective methods of personalising leather. It involves pressing a shaped die or stamp into the leather to create a raised or recessed design. Here are some embossing techniques we employ at Artisans:


1. Blind Embossing

Blind embossing offers a sophisticated touch to any leather item. By creating a raised or depressed design without using colour or foil, it results in a tactile detail that's elegant and understated. Perfect for monogramming initials or adding a minimalist symbol to your leather item.


2. Gold/Silver Foil Embossing


Add a touch of luxury with our gold or silver foil embossing. We use heat and pressure to bond a thin layer of metallic foil to the leather, creating a design that gleams with opulence. This technique works exceptionally well for embossing names or special dates on high-end accessories.

Get it personalised

We are committed to helping you express your personal style through our bespoke leather goods. With our range of embossing options, you can create a piece that speaks to your aesthetic and tells your unique story.