Natural DIY Corporate Gifts to Consider

Natural DIY Corporate Gifts to Consider

Natural DIY Corporate Gifts to Consider

Natural DIY Corporate Gifts to Consider

With the holiday season soon approaching, buying those important gifts to maintain a healthy client relationship becomes even more pressing! Finding something that both matches your brand image as well as something that will not only preserve a client relationship, but prolong it, is important and can be achieved with unique corporate gifts. Yet that personal touch can really unite your client and your brand together when it comes to gifting. Each year trends may change, but your company does not. By adapting your gifting each year to the different patterns and trends, as well as the wants and needs of your client, you can really perfect the luxury corporate gifts you give. 

Leather goods are items that never go out of style, and more importantly are a gift that anyone would be grateful to receive. With so many different options, it will not be hard to find one that well represents your brand. Taking some extra time to make your leather corporate gifts for the client will really show how much you care. Ultimately, the most important thing to come out of gifting to a client is keeping up with any healthy client relationships you need to. Through personalisation, that extra care has been added, and will surely be appreciated. 

Crafting with leather is surprisingly easy yet seems impressive to those who have never tried it before. With many guides online, as well as craft kits available for purchase, with practise, leather items can be both crafted and DIYed to a high standard. By knowing the basic rules around leatherwork, such as making sure your knives are sharp, sanding down any areas you are gluing, an burnishing the edges to create a finished look, you can achieve an extremely professional finish, something that will perfectly represent your own brand. 

Stamping Leather

Using a Cricut has the added bonus of being able to print letters, a logo, or a design on the front of the product you are making. However, this can also be achieved by stamping the leather with a leather stamping kit. Before you stamp on your final DIY, make sure to test on some scraps to make sure you know how to get the best result. Wetting the leather before stamping will allow the leather to soften, thus the stamp will give a better result. Place the stamp on the leather and hammer the stamp down. Make sure you leave the leather to dry before altering the leather anymore. By following these steps your gift for your client will not only be beautifully hand-made but follow brand continuity and really represent the relationship you and your client have.

DIY Gift Ideas for Jetsetters

There are a range of different corporate leather gifts to choose for your client. If perhaps, you own a travel company, or know that your client loves to travel, a luggage tag, passport holder or leather sunglasses case may be perfect. Using a Cricut can make your project more efficient, but even without these items are simple to make when hard work and dedication are put in. A luggage tag can easily be crafted by gluing two pieces of leather together, leaving a space for personal information to be slotted in. The using another piece of leather and a snap button, the open edge can easily be covered and uncovered when needed. A passport holder is another practical DIY, using one large piece of leather with the two edges folded inwards so the passport can be kept safe inside. To make a sunglasses case, cut out the leather according to a template online, then by folding the bottom of the template upwards, you have a pocket to store the sunglasses! Simply glue or stitch up the signs. To keep the sunglasses enclosed, cut a strip of leather around ten inches long, stitch it to the back of the case, and now it can easily be wrapped around to hold the sunglasses safely inside. For a leather clutch, the same steps can be followed, but on a larger scale!

Business Gifts

A cord organiser is a gift that is not just useful but makes life easier. Made using a square of leather, with a snap button attached to opposite corners, cords and headphones can easily be slotted inside, using the snap button to secure them in place. Once again, a very simple but effective gift that can be stamped with initials or a brand logo. Leather folders could be seen as a luxury not necessarily worth spending your own money on. But as a gift, the add luxury and durability to the recipient’s office. Taking a large piece of leather that when folded will fit A4 documents, stitch two of the three open sides, piercing holes with a leather awl to allow the needle to go through easily. For those who may commute to work, a leather card holder is perfect. Taking two identical small rectangles of leather, with only one with a triangle cut out of the top, stitch/glue them together, and this craft is done! It is perfect for storing that essential travel card or credit card, keeping your client’s bag much more organised. 


A leather key chain or tassel is the perfect accessory. Taking a long strip of leather, you cut three-quarters of the way up every half centimetre to make a tassel. Rolling it and securing it with glue or leather rivets, a key chain can then be attached. A leather coaster is another gift that can be personalised. Sewing two circles of leather together, and then using a leather stamp to personalise will make an amazing corporate gift. Finally, a Leather Envelope Clutch. Templates can easily be found online. Punch a hole on all four corners, making sure they line up. Place a screw back on the right corner, placing two opposite holes on top, then screw the top of the screw on. The clutch can now be closed, and stamped!


Unlike anything else, .Ar:ti|sans leathercrafting kit is not only beginner friendly but keeps all the essence of leathercrafting to its core. Start you leathercraft journey with the basics and learn your way to crafting master pieces. Get started with a few of our leathercrafting kits here.

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This is the year to add that extra care into your gifts, and really show that personal aspect in your gifting.


>>> Crafted By: Eleanor Sumpter<<<