Easy Leathercraft Projects and Ideas to Consider

Easy Leathercraft Projects and Ideas to Consider

Easy Leathercraft Projects and Ideas to Consider

Easy Leathercraft Projects and Ideas to Consider 

There’s a reason leather is never out of fashion. From luxury to DIY, it’s a perfect material - durable, long-lasting and it just gets better with age. But, the products made from this perfect material certainly comes with a hefty price tag.

Since leatherworking is a skill anyone can learn and get started with just a few basic set of tools, we encourage people to get creative by crafting leather themselves. This certainly doesn’t break their budget and can craft high-quality leather projects with just a bit of time and patience.

Artisan provides a Leatherworking kit which contains all the necessary tools and patterns to get you started on leather-crafting immediately.

Craft your own Glasses Case

Craft your own Card Holder

Craft your own Passport Holder

Some of the most useful and simple leathercraft projects that you can DIY are:


No Stitch Leather Wallet

If a seamless wallet is your cup of tea, then a no-stitch leather wallet is the finest earl grey you can get.

To give it a more personal touch, why not make it yourself? This DIY Leather wallet is for people who love leathercraft hobbyist to custom leather sellers! Not only is this doable within a couple of hours, a hands-on experience in making a leather wallet can surely boost your confidence in leather-making and also provide you with a luxurious craft that you can keep for generations.

Easy as it sounds, you won’t need professional equipment to get started on this. In fact, our beginner’s kit will offer all the necessary tools for you to make the best wallet. It’s only a matter of time before people start commenting on your wallet whenever you take it out. 

A full tutorial on how to make a no-stitch leather wallet.

Make A No-Stitch Leather Card Holder – Free PDF Template Set


Leather Camera Strap

Is it just us or does anyone else hate the camera strap that comes in the package? It’s filled with the brand’s logo and in our opinion, it feels like a walking advertisement. 
To get rid of that, we came up with a simple solution with the one thing most precious to us, leather. Making a leather camera strap is one of the easiest projects ever, and this detail will add that professionalism next time you walk on the streets with your camera. All you will need is some leather strap, binder clips, liquid stitch, key-rings, D-rings and swivel hooks that you can find at your local leather shop. 

If you are a photographer, we highly recommend you check out this guide.



Leather Tray

There is nothing better than a simple tray when it comes to being organised with small things like jewellery, keys, accessories, and every day carries. But, what if you can craft your very own luxurious DIY leather tray. With just a simple stitching method and a piece of scrap leather, you can prepare this piece of home decor in just a couple of hours. This beautiful tray will help you keep your life and items organised. Simple things go a long way.

Check out the full guide here:

Leather Jewellery/Valet Tray

DIY Leather Napkin Rings

Are you into dressing table for dinner, be it for a formal event or even just a laid back night with your family? This DIY leather napkin rings will make your dining table looking more premium than ever. 

Very simple and aesthetic, all you need is a sturdy ruler and some stencils to cut those scrap leathers. We love this DIY because it just adds luxury when you are dining in with your friends or family.

For more details on how to craft this fantastic piece of home decor, check out this guide.

DIY Leather Napkin Rings

DIY Leather Loop Keychain

Everybody has keys. Before we make it any more obvious, gifting someone a keychain is always a good idea because everyone needs it. But, here’s the catch. Gifting someone a personally handmade keychain makes the difference. Keychains are something everybody use in their daily lives and a simple handmade leather gift will keep you in their memories all day long or at least when they are opening their doors.

DIY Leather Keychains are simple, precious things that you can gift to your loved ones or make one for yourself. If you love DIY things, leather keychains are a great way to get started. Here’s a tutorial on how to make a simple leather loop keychain.


Leather Earrings

If there is one thing we have obsessing over this past month, its DIY handmade leather earrings. These cute little accessories take about 10 to 15 minutes to makes and oozes out chic and luxury. If you are tired of fancy jewels, try this DIY earring once to give yourself a small makeover. The patterns and tools are readily available online.

We, Artisan, have our very own LeatherWorking Kit for people to get started in such beautiful craft. You can even start an online side business and sell these wonderful leather earrings.

A more in-depth tutorial on how to make leather earrings.

Pinched Teardrop Leather Earrings DIY

Plant Hanger

If you are into adopting cute plants for your home, then this DIY decor idea will a perfect fit for your little ones. With just scraps of leather and some ropes or even chains, you can craft this beautiful decor in just a matter of hours. Hang your succulents in front of your windows, creating a perfect aesthetic view while your plants get their sunlight.

More details on how to make your own hanging leather planter:

DIY Hanging Leather Planter


A beautiful DIY leather has never let us down, and we would love to share this wonderful skill with everyone. Artisan has gathered free resources of articles, blogs, stories, guides, how-tos and patterns that are readily available in our website.

Additionally, we provide starter kits to professional kits for anyone interested in leatherworking or if anyone wants to take this skill to the next level. We have craftsmen with years of experience ready to put our knowledge and experience in order to help you craft your first leather project.

If you want to hurdle over choosing tools, our Artisan’s Kit has everything you will need for this DIY project and will even come in handy when you want to craft something else.

Craft your own Glasses Case

Craft your own Card Holder

Craft your own Passport Holder