DIY Projects Using Leather Scraps

DIY Projects Using Leather Scraps

DIY Projects Using Leather Scraps

DIY Projects Using Leather Scraps

Making leather crafts often means using lots of tools and materials. Whether you are a seasoned leather crafter or are delving into this hobby for the first time, having leather scraps from your project is inevitable.

If you have leather scraps lying around in your house, you must have thought about either throwing it away or using those leather pieces to do some DIY projects.

These leather projects are often perfect for beginners and can be small additional DIY leather projects to practice your skills whilst also creating something amazing. This is also a really eco-friendly project and avoids any waste!

Here are some amazing DIY projects that you can do at home with leather scraps.


DIY Leather Plant Hanger

A DIY leather plant hanger is the perfect craft for your home to add some personality and your own craft into your space. This craft uses leather scraps which are available to buy or you can use your own, as well as some leather straps and some gold eyelets which are readily available online. 

Additional details and steps at HomeTalk -> DIY Leather Plant Hanger

Leather Key Fob

A Leather Key Fob uses very little leather and is perfect for scraps. It is a really easy project and will make any set of keys feel personalised and classy. This small leather project will also refine your leather craft skills.

For more details, check out SistersWhat -> Leather Key Fob

Leather Bookmarks

Bookmarks come in all different forms, and are some of the easiest DIYs to create, especially with leftover scraps. They also make a perfect gift for any book worm in your life.

Check out more details about this leather project at LeafyTreeTopSpot -> DIY Leather Bookmarks

DIY Leather Cord Organiser

Making a DIY leather cord organiser is one of the most practical crafts you can make. It is perfect for organising any wires, such as chargers and headphones. It is even easier if you have a Cricut EasyPress Mini to help you craft it. It is an addition that you will really welcome into your life, bringing more organisation through the manner of crafting! The best thing is that you can personalise it to accommodate as many cords as you need.

Additional details and steps are at LeafyTreeTopSpot -> DIY Leather Cord Organiser

DIY Leather Tassel

This DIY leather tassel can be used as a gift or be used to add some personality to your own bag or keys. Only using a small amount of leather makes it a perfect DIY that is also eco-friendly, and it only needs some rather cheap hardware. 

For more details, visit Design Mom -> DIY Leather Tassel

Napkin Rings

This small leather craft is perfect for the festive season, or any dinner parties you may be hosting. Crafting them yourself will allow you to add a personal touch, and you could even emboss the napkin rings with your dinner guests' names!

Check a bunch of these amazing guides at Pinterest -> Napkin Rings

Leather Coasters

Leather coasters are the perfect addition to the dinner table and can even be made with the same set of scraps as the napkin rings. Alternatively this link below shows how to make coasters with leather effect fimo clay.

More details at Grillo Designs -> DIY Leather Coasters

DIY Magazine Rack

With only a few extra items needed, this magazine rack is the perfect place to hold any reading you like to do in your spare room. All you need is some large gold hoops to attach the leather to and you are ready to go.

Learn more about the process at Hunker -> DIY Magazine Rack

DIY Leather Handles

If you are looking for a really easy project with little cutting and shaping, just by simply attaching leather to an object, look no further than these leather draw handles. They will add that personal touch to your furniture, as well as making it a real talking point.

Get more details at CraftedByTheHunts -> DIY Leather Handles


Leathercraft Kit for Beginners

Experimenting and creating innovative ideas sets you apart from the crowd. For that, Artisans DIY leather kits include all the necessary tools and patterns to get you started on making your very own DIY leathercrafts.

So why not advance your crafting skills immediately and set yourself apart from the majority. In fact, you can inspire people to do the same and have your own circle of innovative people around your niche.

Get yourself an Artisans leather crafting kit today to get started right now!