Contemporary Fashion - DIY Leather Earrings

Contemporary Fashion - DIY Leather Earrings

Contemporary Fashion - DIY Leather Earrings

Contemporary Fashion - DIY Leather Earrings

Leather isn’t just for vintage jackets or Nubuck furniture. From lamps to pochettes to accessories, leather products and contemporary fashion go together (with hands clasped) like inseparable BFFs. 

Level up your costume-game - pair it with some dangling leather earrings and queen, you’ll be impressed! DIY leather earrings are all in the trend right now (thank you, Miss Joanna Gaines).

If only you had known how effortless it is to make these voguish leather earrings; you’d have started earlier on leather fashion! They’re so fun to wear and can pull together any outfit. 

They make amazing DIY presents for teacher's day,  mother's day, women’s day, or even better - all days of the year.  

Also, as they’re so inexpensive and simple to make, they’d be an exciting craft night idea too.

Once you start making these earrings, you’re going to be fascinated by the process. And so, without more ado, let's show you how to make DIY Leather Earrings.

DIY Leathercraft Kit

Before venturing into DIY leather earrings, make sure to equip yourself with the tools that’ll aid you in the process. These will extensively assist you in making your on-trend leather earrings. 

  • Leather or foam leather - for leather earrings template
  • Awl - to make holes in the leather 
  • Scissors - to cut through leather
  • Knife - to make a deeper incision
  • Metal ruler - to draw lines and measure the length
  • Superglue - to stick leather pieces 
  • Invisible thread - for free-motion quilting
  • Jewellery pieces (such as hooks, jump rings) 
  • Jewellery pliers - to open jewellery pieces
  • Sewing items - to sew the pieces together 
  • Pen and paper - to draw around

All of these can be utilised as a leathercraft tool for beginners. Also, they’re a must-have for all hobbyists and aspiring leather crafters. It's a part of the wholesome DIY kits crafted at artisans leathercraft kit - fostering the art of making and promoting dexterity using leather. 

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DIY Leather Earrings Ideas


Leather Knot Earrings

The gorgeous teardrop leather earrings are an on-the-go statement jewellery piece. Trendy and so lightweight, you’ll forget you have them on (literally). You can make them for all sorts of occasions and seasons. Spring, Fall, Christmas, bestie's birthday? This DIY earring will always have your back! Check out the DIY kit provided by Etsy.


Leather Feather Earrings

As angelic and soft that they’re, you’ll be in love with them, no doubt! Even when people can only see you on zoom calls or across the streets (lockdown diaries), these leather feather earrings will make you look a lot more charming and pleasing-to-the-eyes! Again, they’re available in myriads of colours and you can opt for the one that suits you the best.


Leather Fringe Earrings

Want to change up your everyday favourites into some new fun jewellery? Enter into the paradise of long dangly fringe leather earrings! For a fact, fringes will never go out-of-style. These are incredibly easy to make and will make a great addition to your necklaces and accessories. Now, will you please let your leather fringe earrings do all the talking!


Leather Earrings without a Cricut or Silhouette

Wondering how to make leather earrings without the hassle? Well, making leather earring is an easy job - even without owning a Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut perfect edges. 


Alicia, in this leather Earrings without a Cricut or Silhouette guide, states how owning these machines is an excellent route but is in no way necessary. She also goes on to generously give a template that you can print and create a beautiful addition to your lush and modern wardrobe. 


Leather Diffuser Earrings

Don’t put these on if you want to shy away from people. You can't expect to wear these gorgeous leather diffuser earrings and not get compliments! Customising these earrings in coherence with contemporary design is itself a mark of royalty. They come in all sizes and colours and match with pretty much everything. Just add some lemon & lavender or orange & ginger essential oil and smell good all day long!


Triangle Stud Leather Earrings

So versatile and dainty that you’ll bless the heavens for its creation. (It's okay to be a little obsessed with jewellery). Make adorable triangle stud leather earrings by using your creativity liberally. So, get your hands on some DIY leather earring templates and start making your jewellery - even without a cutting machine. Now, what's the wait for? Wear these earrings. Smile. And shine.


Pinched Teardrop Leather Earring

Super lightweight and extremely fun to wear, these Pinched Teardrop Leather Earrings are an on-trend statement piece. You can craft them in numerous colours and sizes (you can even adjust the length according to your own free will). While making, you can consider fish hook style ear wires in silver or gold colour; shimmers in all sorts of colours. Make jewellery contact before eye contact, ladies! 


3 Easy DIY Leather Earrings

They say nothing's perfect - guess, that's a lie! Because this wholesome guide on how to make 3 easy leather earrings defines perfection in every manner. If you’re not quite sure which earring type to choose, this DIY leather earring youtube tutorial is for you.

Update your jewellery collection with eternal pieces that’ll last and fit into your weekly wardrobe rotation.  After all, life's too short to wear boring earrings! 

Using shaping (and colouring) techniques, you can craft objects from leather - earrings, statement-accessories, hand gloves, and whatnot. Little surprise why leather DIY is gaining popularity. There are innumerable leather crafting resources available online that you can run through and come up with some incredible leathercraft ideas. 


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Customisable, authentic, and elegant, leathercraft DIYs make the perfect gift for your dear ones. So make this year memorable by gifting your loved ones a unique pair of these DIY leather earrings! 

With ample experience in the leather industry at Artisans, we provide you with wholesome DIY leathercraft resources to simplify your crafting experience. 

Our kits ensure the most authentic learning experience for leathercrafting enthusiasts and consist of all the paraphernalia you may need in your DIY.

Artisans was founded in the UK to bestow an unprecedented quality of leather and provide a wide array of leather crafting solutions.

Come visit us - a one-stop solution for your leathercrafting needs rather than overwhelming you with technicalities - and explore our rich heritage right away!


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