26 Unique Leather Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

26 Unique Leather Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

26 Unique Leather Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

26 Unique Leather Gift Ideas For Your Anniversary

Is another anniversary around the corner and you are yet to conclude on the perfect anniversary gift your lover deserves? Well, I've piled up 26 ideas you can choose from for a leather anniversary gift for him/her. If you are wondering why leather is the emphasis here then you probably don't know of the emotional effect beautiful handmade leather gives. 

Anybody can get a mug from the store with an already customized love note, but how many people see a leather pouch/frame with your name on it lying around in one section of the mall? Certainly no one! So, take a look at some anniversary gift ideas that are not just thoughtful but will make your partner love you even more.  

Leather Gifts For Him 

Let's start with different possible leather anniversary gifts for him that would blow his mind away. 

DIY Leather Photo Keyring 

You will not miss getting a kiss when you give your husband a photo keyring that houses special pictures of you both. No doubt, he will always get the chance to catch a look at you every time he handles the key.

Matching DIY Leather Passport Holder Kit

If you are celebrating 3 years already and other ideas seem to be common, the leather passport kit is what you need. It is not just one of the many great 3rd anniversary ideas for a husband but a smart choice too as you are sure he will put your photo in it also. 

Easy DIY Leather Card Holder 

If he keeps misplacing his card, don't let that be an issue when you can give out a handmade cardholder to help the situation. Plus, remember it is from your heart with love.

Easy and Quick DIY Leather Keyholder

You won't spend up to an hour before you come up with a key holder that is just the right leather anniversary gift for your spouse. With some glues and other readily available materials, it is easy and possible.

DIY Monochrome Bow Tie 

Though your husband might already have a lot of bow tie, a unique leather one made with your hands will surely become his favourite. To say it is easy to make makes it more fantastic. 

DIY Leather Camera Strap 

Let's get rid of the previous strap and replace it with a leather home craft your husband will be able to show off. You can even inscribe his name on it to spice the look. How amazing!

DIY Leather Mouse Pad 

If he loves his computer and spends more time working on it, let him still see you around by gifting a leather mouse pad. He will surely love it. 

Easy DIY Leather Cufflinks 

The regular metallic or gold cufflinks can get too boring to give out to someone you really care about. Instead, cover it up with leather or make a new one from scratch and be sure to give it with love. 

DIY Leather Wine Bag

If he loves his wine, don't let him travel without it in a classic wine bag you specially made for him. No doubt, he is carrying your love alongside. 

Handmade Lovely Leather Hat

Whether it's the regular everyday hat or cowboy hat, you can create one for him at home. With some instructions, it becomes easy to make and worth it. 


Leather Anniversary Gifts For Her 

For guys wanting to give your darling a spectacular gift, here are some ideas. 

Beautiful Handmade DIY Cosmetic Bag 

You can never be too extra with a cosmetic bag especially if your partner loves the world of cosmetics. Even if she doesn't, she will still find it useful for a lot of other girly essentials. 

DIY Leather Pouch

This is one luxury leather gift for her that is always appreciated. If she loves carrying pouches, make one from leather instead of buying from the mall. 

Classy DIY Bracelet 

Your spouse would definitely not mind you gifting her a leather bracelet with her name boldly written on it. You can even make one for yourself to add to the uniqueness of your anniversary. 

DIY Key Chain Bangles 

One expression you wouldn't miss when your wife sees her bangles specially crafted by you is a lighted up eyes. With the bangles, she will be able to look both gorgeous and loved. 

Fancy Solid  DIY Leather Sandals 

You might need a little tutorial to pull this off but it will be totally worth it when it is done. Leather sandals are certainly a good gift choice for an anniversary. 

DIY Leather Necklace 

When she sees you bring out a box, she will either expect a gold necklace or ring but when she sees a leather necklace, it becomes mind blowing. Blow her mind for real with a DIY leather necklace. 

Leather DIY Market Bags 

Help her do away with the common market bags by creating one with leather material. With this, going to market becomes more than a duty but a love show-off. 

DIY Leather Bags 

Beautify her closet with a new leather bag she can take out anytime. You can decide to give her the market and an outing tote leather bag so she can take both for some market duties. 

Cold Free DIY Leather Gloves 

Keep her warm during winter with special gloves made from your leather crafting. You can take a cue from the regular ones but these leather gloves will be very much appreciated.

DIY Fashionable Purse 

The truth is, there would still be some things she needs to put in a purse or wallet like her card and that is where your gift comes in. Trust me, she will cherish it. 


Leather Gifts for Him & Her 

Other options of leather gifts that can go for anybody include the following.

DIY Leather Journal 

For every travel and adventure, everyone will need a journal to pour it all in. So, the leather journal is a good choice because it fits this purpose with its durability. 

DIY Phone Case 

Whether it is an anniversary gift for him/her, the phone case is a good option. Just place it on the bedside table and it has fulfilled its purpose. 

Leather Picnic Basket 

If the wooden basket is not what you picture as a good romantic gift, the leather picnic basket will surely be your top preference. It is surely a good idea to try out for an anniversary gift. 

DIY Leather Tray

What better way to make a memorable gift aside from the tray with the engraved name of you and your partner. You can also write on the leather words particular to you both. Sweet!

DIY Leather Photo Book

If you have tried out all the other options in your previous anniversary, the photo book is never too old to try out. With the leather shield around, it will take years to become unloved.  

Memorable Leather DIY Photo Frame 

The photo frame just matches the perfect gifts for him/her. By just one glance at it, you would have captured every moment illustrated on the priceless photo. 

Here you go, the 26 extraordinary leather anniversary gift ideas you need to plan your anniversary specially. Any of the listed ideas can be done with convenient materials at home or with some easy to find materials in the store. Choose any one of these ideas today and spice it up every year. Happy celebration!


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