10 DIY Leather Accessories You Can Make Today!

10 DIY Leather Accessories You Can Make Today!

10 DIY Leather Accessories You Can Make Today!

Best DIY Leather Accessories On The Internet

As one of most exquisite and durable textures available in the world, leather is a long-established symbol of elegance, style and power.

No matter if you are a guy or a girl, it’s never a bad idea to turn common objects into something useful. Craft beautiful leather stuff for yourself or gift it to someone you love.

Be it for Valentine’s or just a simple birthday gift, a DIY leather accessory alway goes a long way, even more so when it comes to Christmas and New Years. It’s a great gift if you want them to remember you everytime they see your handmade gift.

Durable and resilient, yet flexible, leather is the perfect DIY material. Want to dip your toes into leathercraft? Here are 10 cool ideas of DIY leather projects for beginners:

10 DIY Leather Accessories You Can Make Today!

DIY Leather Pouches (3 Way)

These super easy DIY Leather Pouches (3 Ways) can be used for almost anything – makeup, cash, business cards, etc – and they’re super cute too! You can find the project details here


No-Stitch Leather Card Holder

If you don’t know how to stitch, this cool No-Stitch Leather Card Holder is the right DIY for you! So chic and functional, this diy project comes in two chic versions. Check out the tutorial here.


DIY Leather Tassels

These DIY leather tassels are so easy to put together, even for kids: they will want to make them for their piano teacher, their coach, their favourite aunt. But they’re so gorgeous you’ll want to keep them all to yourself! Hang one from your bag, use them as keychains, or top off a gift with one — wherever you put them, they’ll definitely add style and elegance.


Leather Catch-Alls

Teleworking has made your desk a bit messy? This leather catchall is what you’ve been looking for! Find out how Joanna made it here.


DIY Leather Sunglasses Case

Already longing for summer? This DIY Leather Sunglasses Case will take care of your sunglasses till the sun comes out again. You can find the project details here.


DIY Leather Cord Organiser

 If you are sick of tangled headphones floating around your purse or webs of cables shoved in your desk drawer, we’ve got you covered with these DIY cord organizers! Stylish and functional, not only will they tame your cord clutter and get you more organized, but they also make useful-yet-beautiful DIY gifts. Isn’t the scallop detail around the edge cute? You can also personalize them with monograms or little quotes. 


Woven Leather Stool

Whether you’re creating a small grouping of tables or need a side table or bench, this beautiful woven leather stool can be quite versatile. Although this exquisite piece of furniture seems a slightly bigger project than the ones listed here, you only need simple tools and a few raw materials. Follow the instructions here.


DIY Leather Slippers

Contemporary and minimalist, this DIY Slippers are the ultimate Christmas present, don’t you think? Click here for the project details.


Leather Studded Wallet

Trouble finding a wallet that fits your purse? Completely customisable as only a DIY project can be, this cute and super simple Leather Studded Wallet is the one for you! 


DIY Leather & Rope Basket

The possibilities are endless with this DIY Leather & Rope Basket! It can be used in your bathroom, workroom, kitchen, laundry room and you can even put your home plant in it. Check how to make it here.

Want to learn more about leatherworking before starting a leather DIY project? Check out our
Beginner Leathercraft Masterclass: All You Need to Know on The Ancient Art of Leathermaking.

If you are still not sure where to begin, we’ve got your back! Fun and easy to use, our Leather Craft Kits include everything you need to start out: vegetable tanned leather with refined burnished edges, thread and needle.

Stark, yet beautiful, .Ar:ti|sans Kits models are designed to avoid the need for glue and to be easily assembled with simple and easy DIY hand stitching. Designed to promote and celebrate human dexterity, these kits are a perfect way to move your first steps into leather crafting as well as great gifts to self, family and friends for all occasions.

The three cool designs currently available –

Glasses Case

Passport Holder

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